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8 Considerations When Moving to Fayetteville, NC

Relocating to a whole new area, no matter where in the world, will present its own unique challenges and opportunities to consider. North Carolina is no different. If you’re moving to Fayetteville NC and want to know what it’s like (plus pros and cons), then this article is for you!

But first, a little bit of background:

Fayetteville NC is close enough to many other towns but sits out on its own, and has over 200,000 residents with a steadily growing population. It’s full of history museums and monuments, with The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement making marks on the city’s heritage.

If you like the outdoors and would like a place rich with history, then Fayetteville may just be the perfect place for you! Here we’ve compiled a list of things to consider before you make your move:

Considerations (good and bad) when moving to Fayetteville, NC

1. A very strong real estate market.

Fayetteville has one of the most buyer-friendly housing markets in the United States. The cost of living and housing in Fayetteville, NC is far below average, with cost of living being 7.4% lower and housing at 23% lower than the national average. Fayetteville’s affordable housing is a huge plus if you’re looking to save more.

2. Growing diversity.

The community in Fayetteville has diversity in age groups, ethnicity, and economic groups. The local population is about 40.7% Caucasian, 40.1% African-American, and 10.9% Hispanic-Latino.

3. Plenty of recreational activities.

One thing’s for sure -- you’ll never get bored! There’s lots to do, and if you’re an outdoorsy person then Fayetteville NC is the right place for you. From nature preserves, historic golf courses, and wild environments, it provides many options for outdoor activities and weekends off. Beaches and mountains are also in close proximity.

4. An up-and-coming urban center

With a shiny new minor league baseball stadium, a theater, and plenty of artisan eateries, Fayetteville is rebranding its crime-ridden city.

5. It’s a military town.

Given its close proximity to Fort Bragg, soldiers used to be the town’s main clientele (and thus still retains its nickname, “Fayettenam”). Expect a few fighter jet flyovers and some noisy artillery or explosives from the nearby army base.

6. High crime rate.

Violent and property crimes are well above the national averages in the U.S. in certain areas. However, changes are underway and Fayetteville is transforming into a very family-friendly city. It was voted best place to retire by Where To Retire magazine in 2010.

7. The climate is temperate.

There are four mild seasons and moderate temperatures throughout the year, in a humid subtropical climate. Compared to much of the country, winters are also fairly mild.

8. The economy and job market is lower than average.

There is a 5.5% unemployment rate -- which is lower than the national average -- and job growth is a sluggish 1% annual increase. Most of the highest-paying jobs are specialized with professional, scientific and technological positions at the top. Before you move, make sure to spruce up that resume!

Overall, Fayetteville NC is a great choice to move whether you’re with your family, on your own, or retiring. Like with every place, there are pros and cons to all -- it simply boils down to a matter of preference. Tour The Ridges at Kings Grant today and experience what it’s like to make Fayetteville home!


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