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Best Cities to Live Near Fort Bragg, NC

North Carolina is an idyllic place to settle down in. It is home to the majestic Appalachian Mountains and the stunning beaches of the Outer Banks. The mountains cater to activities like white water rafting and hiking. Additionally, if you want to move somewhere that has a myriad of opportunities jobwise, you should really consider NC. North Carolina has a thriving economy with an unemployment rate of only 3.9%, the main driving force behind North Carolina’s growing economy is its healthcare sector.

Also nestled within NC is the famous military establishment, Fort Bragg—the largest in the world. It serves a population of 57,000 active military personnel, 11,000 civilian employees, and 23,000 family members. Fort Bragg’s installation was driven by the need of the United States to have a tactical response force that can be strategically deployed by land, air, and sea.

If you have a loved one serving in the military and would want to relocate to be nearer to them, then check out this list of the best cities near Fort Bragg, NC.

Raleigh, 72.8 miles away

This city is the capital of NC and it is known for many things. Let’s break down some of its most endearing qualities.

Job opportunities. Raleigh has a robust educated workforce. Compared to the 3.9% average unemployment rate of the US, Raleigh only has a 3.5% unemployment rate. Future job growth is expected to increase to 44.2% a staggering feat compared to the national average of only 33.5%. Just last year, Raleigh ranked 2nd in Forbes’ list of the “Best Places For Businesses and Careers”. These are the top 3 jobs by population: Scientific and Technical services, Healthcare and social services, and Retail Trade.

The Community. Raleigh is often described as having all the infrastructure and economy of a metropolitan city, but with the charm of a small town. It’s the kind of place where everybody knows everybody and you can expect a warm Raleigh greeting if you bump into someone you know in the street (or even if you don’t!).

Music Scene. An open secret about Raleigh is its bustling music scene. No matter what genre you listen to, Raleigh is the place for a music lover like you. Live music plays nonstop throughout the year. Just check out this list of music festivals that take place in Raleigh.

Southern Pines, 27.2 miles away

With a population of only 13,426 , Southern Pines is a quaint town with a strong appeal. This ambient community got its name because of the acres of pine trees that surround the area. The world renowned golf course, Pine Needles provides a fantastic backdrop to practice your swing and participate in some quality golf time. Southern Pines has a vibrant art scene. You can visit the Weymouth Centre or the Campbell House to check out the stunning art pieces, or go watch a play at the Sunrise Theatre.

Fayetteville, 12.8 miles away

Fayetteville is known as the military town because of its proximity to Fort Bragg. This town houses loved ones of people that served or are currently still in active service in the military. This is evident in the monuments and museums dedicated to its rich military history.

If you want to settle down in a place that is perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities, Fayetteville is the place to be. You can go out and have a picnic or play tennis (yes, they have tennis courts!) at the Mazarick Park or take a dip in McFayden Lake during warm Sundays; if you opt for a more relaxing activity, play golf in one of the 5 golf courses in Fayetteville. For indoor activities, you can catch a show at Cameo Art House Theatre or get a bite to eat at arguably the best sushi place in town, Mikoto.

Now that you know the upsides of living in quaint cities and towns near For Bragg, you will be guided in your decision to purchase real estate. So, if you’re looking to settle in one of the cities near Fort Bragg, NC…Tour The Ridges at Kings Grant today!


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