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The Value of Owning a Townhome in Fayetteville, NC

In an environment where everything is fast-paced, young couples are just starting their families and most are, preoccupied in a clocked-up corporate world, where would be the best place to start a family -- one which would fit the budget and complement the lifestyle? The easy answer: a townhome.

When you think of living in a townhome, you’d probably think about houses fused so close that only a wall separates them. This and hardline homeowner’s associations can be a put-off. However, this notion can be a bit of a misrepresentation. Living in a townhouse is more than just a financial convenience, it also offers the opportunity to live in urban surroundings with all its perks.

What Exactly is a Townhome?

A townhome, or a townhouse, is usually composed of two or three stories, has a front and back entrance, and with one or two shared walls. Townhomes can either be rented or purchased. If it is the former, the property manager takes care of the landscaping and interior maintenance issues. If you’re thinking of buying one, interior maintenance is your responsibility.

A townhome community is expected to pay fees to the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) although the dues aren’t that expensive since a communal community involves little upkeep.

By and large, townhomes are an attractive alternative for a lot of new homeowners. It gives the feel of living in a prime urban dwelling with a comfortable, modern look and a low maintenance option. If it’s a dream for you to own a small property that’s not going to burn a hole through your wallet, a townhome will fulfill that goal.

Why Own a Townhome in Fayetteville, NC?

First, let’s get into the appealing reasons for choosing a townhome.

Modernity. Townhomes are generally designed for urban residents, offering modern amenities such as hardwood floors, granite countertops, and open concept designs.

Low maintenance. Living in a community under a homeownership association provides flexibility and expanse for single families since the HOA’s are responsible for the maintenance of common areas.

Inexpensive. Townhomes tend to be less expensive and therefore more affordable to first-time buyers and young families compared to a single-family home.

Essential amenities. Most townhomes provide communal facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, and golf courses.

Ideal location. Townhomes are found in urban neighborhoods closer to the center of the city, unlike single-family homes that are usually located further in the suburbs. And because of the proximity of the buildings, there’s also an offer of security (courtesy of your neighbors, of course) in case you need to be out of town for a few days.

When one mentions Fayetteville, the first thought would probably be Fort Bragg, the largest United States Army installation. The base is also home to the 82nd Airborne and because of the military, one can expect a variety of retail shops and restaurants. Talking about food, the cuisine is highly chromatic as well, simply because of the nature of the military base where people from all over the world bring in their food contribution.

If you’re a naturalist, favoring the serenity that open typography has to offer, green spaces are abundant and nature parks scattered all over. Worth mentioning are the Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Clark Park Nature Center, Cross Creek Linear Park, J. Bayard Park, Charles J. Finger Park, and many more.

There is ethnic diversity in Fayetteville, and with it, a montage of culture and entertainment. If it’s a night out, listening to acoustic music or getting all pumped up with rock and roll bands, The Rock Shop Musical Hall is the place to go.

Fayetteville also has one of the best retail markets in the country. You can expect to find most of the things you want in their market – artisan bread, artisan coffee, grass-fed meats. All home-grown, all high quality.

Fayetteville is close to the center of the state, so you have better access to the beach than someone living in the west part of the state. You also have a quicker route to the mountains than people in the east, offering you more choices on what to do with your weekends.

The Ridges at Kings Grant

If you are ready to move hassle-free into the convenience of a townhome in Fayetteville, let us help you. The Ridges at Kings Grant has several beautiful townhomes in its golf course community. You are also assured of quality interior and exterior features as well as energy-saving home facilities.

Contact us today and learn more about The Ridges at Kings Grant.


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